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Office Efficiency

We can show you not only how to keep your office organized, but how to run your business efficiently. One of the biggest time thieves is lack of organization. You can spend hours a week just looking for documents. We can help you get organized and be able to save those hours by finding documents in seconds. You need to get ahead, don't delay, contact us today!


Filing Systems

We can provide filing systems to help you keep information well-organized.  We may recommend using color-coded filing folders with different color categories. For instance, green would be for assets, banking, and income.  The color-coded filing folders are visual aids on your desk when handling phone calls, emails, or other action items.  Having information at your fingertips has grown even more important today than ever before.  By using your specialized filing system, you will find what you need when you need it.  Expert in paper management with sorting, filing, purging, and shredding.  Don't let clutter rule your office, call us for a free consultation at 313.469.9089.


Work Space Clutter

Is your office such a disaster you are embarrassed to bring clients to meet you there? Are your desks cluttered and covered in papers and miscellaneous items? Is it hard to work in a cramped space? Do we need to implement filing organizational tools to get you started? You need to contact us now. We can show you how to get out from behind the mess and get organized. We can help you to not only grow your space by keeping the clutter away, but we can show you how to improve your business by staying on top of all that paperwork. Working in a well-organized environment gives you a feeling of satisfaction and a way to stay focused. Call now!


Working Environment

• Bring structure, logic, and control to your organization, at any level
• Optimize workflow to increase productivity, reduce stress, and heighten profitability
• Help define responsibilities for employees
• Motivate your team with real solutions to the everyday or on-going challenges of too much to do, changing priorities, and information overload
• Streamline your workflow with a Business Coach, including paperwork, messages, emails, clients, etc.

Computer Assistance

The Happy Organized Helper can also assist you with your computer needs and with “hands-on” computer training.

Do you need help installing software or a new printer? Would you like hands-on instruction for using software or new applications?

Training Sessions

We provide superior training in the use of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher), how to use the Internet and Social Media.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment. One-on-one training has proven to be the most comprehensive way to learn.  Learning on your own computer system will help you to retain what you've learned.  We can make it as basic or advanced, based on your current skills.  There are no dumb questions!

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Public Speaking

Need a speaker for your next organizing presentation or time management seminar?  How about a session on organizing tips?  The Organized Happy Helper has spoken at libraries, retreats, Adult Education classes, and other events.  We receive training from Toastmaster's to be the best we can be!

Prepared Speeches and Presentations:

  • Organizing the Clutter
  • Time Management for Residences and Businesses
  • Holiday Organizing
  • Coupon Organizing
  • Senior Moves
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