Holiday Planning – Step by Step

Holiday Planning – Step by Step

Getting the house ready for the holidays step by step. Every year you vow to get your holiday cards and shopping done early, yet inevitably end up standing in long lines on December 24th again! Make this season more joyous by simplifying and putting an end to last minute madness!   Weekly To Do Check List so everything is done by December 20th. More tips for the New Year too!

1. Nov. 01-07: Theme, color and decorations for home and tree, shop for wrapping supplies.
2. Nov. 08-14: Start writing out Christmas cards and making up gift lists.
3. Nov. 15-21: Test all lights and take inventory of tableware and linens. Finish the above duties.
4. Nov. 22-28: Tidy up and organize the home for the holidays. Hire a housekeeper as a gift for yourself to take the pressure and stress off.
5. Nov 29- Dec 5: Decorate exterior with lights and wreaths and keep shopping for gifts.
6. Dec. 06-12: Decorate inside the home with lights, put up the tree, buy frozen party foods and beverages. Make sure you have all the supplies needed before you get started.
7. Dec. 13-19: Start wrapping presents, schedule time for beauty appointments for hair and toes.
8. Dec. 20-25: Pick up fresh florals to decorate, set your table a couple of days before the entertaining and keep the house picked up.
9. Dec. 26-31: After Christmas shopping for sales and return items. Take down ther tree and decorations unless you like to keep it up after New Years. Buy organizing bins to store decorations.  Put decorations in bins by categories.  Donate items you don’t need anymore.
10. New Years: Relax and put away all gifts.

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School is Starting!

Can you believe that it is already September?  The summer has gone so fast it will be Christmas before you know it!  Don’t want to think about it! LOL

kids crayons 27

Some tips for your school age children:

  1. Buy them an alarm clock so they can get up on their own instead of nagging them to get up.  Use the snooze as long as they are up in time.
  2. Lay out their clothes the night before or they can do it themselves.
  3. Print out a check list of their morning duties such as:  brush their hair and teeth, wash their face, make their bed and put the toiletries away, etc.  There are many checklists out their for every need by googling “check list ____” depending what you needs are.
  4. Must eat a healthy breakfast in order to do well in school.
  5. Take their vitamins
  6. Pack their lunch the night before or in the morning.  (which gives you the most time).
  7. Make sure they have their backpack with all their supplies including their homework to return!
  8. Before traveling to school, always give them a kiss/hug so they feel loved all day.

There are so many more tips, but just a few to get you organized.  When you teach your children to be organized, they will learn it and pick up on it themselves.


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Spring Cleaning

This is the time of year for spring cleaning.  Start with 1 room, look around and see the clutter?  Pick up each item 1 by 1 and sort on the table or bed (depending which room your in).  After the items are sorted, put away in their homes.  The other piles will be donate or purge.

Go through your drawers 1 by 1 and buy pretty smelling paper for your dresser drawers.  Find dividers, plastic shoe bins and put your items in them.  Such as:  underpants, bras, socks, nylons, etc. in each bin.  When you open up the drawer you can find what you need and it will be in its home.

Just start with that now and could take you up to 3 hours to accomplish this task.  Try to finish the 1 room in a day so each week you can organize a room.  You can do it!

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Have a Blessed Easter

Today I went shopping for candy, flowers and food.  I am hosting my family for dinner and have set the table with china and crystal.  I love spoiling my guests and making them feel special.  Everything is done and going to watch a movie with my husband.

If you are having dinner or bringing a dish, to be organized, put all the ingredients, dishes, spices and food on the counter so when you make it, everything is there.  You will save time!

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Speaking Presentation

Debbie will be giving a organizing presentation on Sunday, March 6th at:

St. David’s Episcopal Church

16200 W. 12 Mile Road  (between Greenfield and Southfield roads)

Southfield, MI

Starts at 11:30

If you can make it feel free to join us.



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