An Assessment Consultation is necessary if you know your business, home, family, office, or life is not as organized as you'd like it to be, but you are not sure what needs to be done or where you should start. Together we will:

  • Tour your space
  • Talk about what is working and what is not working
  • Discuss what bothers you and why
  • See what equipment, tools, and supplies you have, and what else you need to purchase (we will always try to save you money with what you have)
  • Figure out your goals for the future and implement permanent organizing solutions
  • Start with a 3-bin theory: keep, donate, purge and/or shred
  • Make a list of the specific projects that need tackling, in priority order
  • Describe the tasks that go with each project
  • Make a shopping list for the additional supplies and equipment you might need
  • Give tips and homework (yes, you will have homework to save money and time!)
  • 1 Hour Residential                  = FREE
  • Home-based Business           = FREE
  • Business                                 = FREE
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