We provide consultations on one room or every room of your home.  From your kitchen to your family room, bedrooms to home office, garage or even your basement, we have solutions to fit every need.  Your initial one (1) hour consultation is FREE.  We can also give you information over the phone or email.


Clutter Solutions

Solutions are available to END the clutter in your home today and into the future.  Why live with the stress of having to dig through clutter to find that needed item? Our solutions will help you find any item in seconds and we can show you how to keep the clutter from returning.

When your living space is cluttered, so is your mind and you can't think! Everything has to have a designated home.  It takes discipline to keep it up and return things to their place. Don't wait! Call today and free yourself from unwanted stress.

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Storage Solutions

Storage solutions come in many shapes and sizes and we can find the ideal one to fit your specific needs.  From office papers to kitchen utensils, yard tools and even all those craft supplies, we have the solution for you.  Replace that clutter with the best storage solutions and organizing tools on the market.  Do it today!  Call us at 313.469.9089.

Interior Design

Need an eye for color?  Need help re-arranging furniture? How much does it cost to rearrange a room?  It’s free! We'll not only re-arrange your rooms, we can also help you find bargains on supplies and furniture to do it right. When we’re done, you’ll feel like your room could be in “Better Homes and Gardens!”

Floral Designs

Studies have shown having flowers in your home can brighten everyone's day.  Why not get a custom design that matches your decor and brings a smile to all who enter?  We can duplicate a design from most any picture. Using silk flowers for wall hangings, table top displays and wreaths for doors and more, we can revitalize any room in your home.

Garage Sales

We can assist you in planning your next garage sale.  We can put tags on the items along with the prices we think would sell at that price.  We know if your articles are antiques, collector pieces, and expensive items.  We will manage all the details from start-to-finish to make your next garage sale a success.  All this so you can enjoy time with family and friends, get rid of the clutter that was just sitting around collecting dust, and make some extra money.  Also, we can work during the garage sale to help sell your items to potential customers.

Errands and Shopping

We can assist you by running your errands and we are great at bargain hunting for those hard-to-find items. We can show you how to manage your time to bring order to your day and get all those items on your “to do” list done and not left for another day. We know where to shop for the best bargains!

Planning After the Loss of a Loved One

We can assist you in managing and sorting the items after the loss of a loved one.  Do you need help packing or just putting the items in the basement until you are ready to deal with it?  Will you need a garage sale, donate or sell at some point? This is a hard time for the family and sometimes another person can be a big help. The client is emotional over the items but an organizer can be objective and help you decide where it should go.  Being organized is a must, saving you time and money when managing an estate.

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