Spring Cleaning

This is the time of year for spring cleaning.  Start with 1 room, look around and see the clutter?  Pick up each item 1 by 1 and sort on the table or bed (depending which room your in).  After the items are sorted, put away in their homes.  The other piles will be donate or purge.

Go through your drawers 1 by 1 and buy pretty smelling paper for your dresser drawers.  Find dividers, plastic shoe bins and put your items in them.  Such as:  underpants, bras, socks, nylons, etc. in each bin.  When you open up the drawer you can find what you need and it will be in its home.

Just start with that now and could take you up to 3 hours to accomplish this task.  Try to finish the 1 room in a day so each week you can organize a room.  You can do it!

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