Dr. Cindy - Detroit, MI

We are blessed to know you and especially thankful for the blessing you have been to me and my family this past year. God certainly made sure that I had an angel to help me and that's you. Thank you so much. I always look forward to the days when you're coming over. It’s work but it's more like fun. My family loves a "Debbie Tebbe" day! 

Dr. Helen - Grosse Pointe , MI

Many, many thanks for your most useful gift! I, too, enjoyed working with you and Greg. We got a lot done! Will give you a call, you sweet, lovable, kind person!

Mary Lee - MI

Just a note to thank you for all the nice things you have done for me. Your trip to Lowe's yesterday and the lovely box you bought me are especially appreciated. I am so glad to be your client and your friend.

Ruth - Grosse Pointe, MI

Just a note of thanks for all of the beautiful work you have done for us! Thanks! You are a great influence on us!

Greg - Detroit, MI

Just a short note of thanks for the raise in my pay. More so, let me thank you for all the blessings in my life that you have given me. You are an answer to prayer and one of God's angels. With warm regards.

Suzanne, Grosse Pointe, MI

Debbie did a great job on my computer. Not only did she fix the problems but cleaned it up so it was completely functional. She stuck to the job until it was done correctly.

Hiam - Westland, MI

I want to sing it from the rooftops and tell everyone how wonderful, pleasant and easy it was to work with Debbie. Not only is she warm, friendly and caring about people's needs and the environment in which they live, she is also a master at de-cluttering a room—magically transforming it from a "no-walk" cluttered zone, into a peaceful sanctuary and retreat, a place that has some of the owner's "treasures" as she calls them—placing them strategically and beautifully to give maximum impact and style.

When Debbie is done for the day, you can expect great results, and know that your personality is going to come through in the end. She helps you to "find" your style, and the pieces that will help to showcase your individuality in the rooms. Not only that, but she asks about the functions of the room before she begins, so she knows what changes she needs to orchestrate.

To me, this is an important step: she re-creates rooms that suit the client’s personality, needs, and lifestyle, so that rooms can be beautiful and also multi-functional, if that's what is needed.

Also, she tells clients right up front what the costs will be, so there are no hidden and unpleasant surprises. I have found her to be honest, caring, and very easy to work with because she is a professional person in her job. She is always prompt, and calls ahead to make sure the appointment is confirmed, and she is a non-judgmental and hard-working person.

I have found that Debbie is an encouraging coach, a friend and a helper who inspires me with confidence to tackle clutter, and achieve balance, order, organization and calm beauty in my home. She has taught me many tricks that I can use to be organized and to stay organized. No longer are there any "no walk" or "danger" zones in my home; I am proud to show off my bedroom, closets, and my entire home to family and friends.

And no longer do I need Debbie's help. I can easily find papers, files, as well as a favorite sweater. I feel like a mini- Martha Stewart! I am so proud of the work she and I have been able to do, and it's marvelous to live life in such a quality way. I told her she has not only restored order, but she has given me the feeling of living beautifully and actually seeing all of the "treasures" all around me. With much sincere appreciation!


Bill - Sterling Heights, MI

I am doing my best to keep my office neat. I had the floor cleaned and waxed after you left, so the whole office looks good. I am also using the red action folders with good success. Thank you for organizing my office. God bless you.

SOS Community Services, Ypsilanti, MI (Jacque)

It was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you so much for helping us out in so many ways. Debbie Tebbe was such a good sport, working in the cold basement and getting so much accomplished in such a short time! Debbie stayed until almost 5:00 pm finishing up her work in the food pantry. It was inspiring to work with such a professional, creative, and dedicated person.

Deb Stanley - NAPO S.E. Michigan President

It's a pleasure to serve on the board with you. Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season and successful year.


Imago Dei Crisis Pregnancy Center, Detroit, MI

Debbie Tebbe comes to us from a church who participates in community missions. She has been a blessing to us with her outstanding skills in organization. She spends her time at the Center sorting, sizing, and putting away the myriad donations that come in. We are now able to see everything we have when we enter the materials storeroom. She is now in the process of reorganizing our layette room.

Debbie is truly a gift from God and we at Imago Dei thank Him for sending her to us. Thank you Debbie, for all your hard work and dedication. The Director and the office staff, we salute you this quarter!

Time Out Ministries, Knox Church, Harrison Township, MI (Sharon)

Time Out Ministries so appreciates your willingness to share your tips and information with us. Our guests enjoyed your discussion. We are inspired to de-clutter. Thank you for speaking to our guests in February. We had one of our largest audiences. You are an informative, interesting, personable speaker and we will want you back. Thank you for your kindness and for your time.

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